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Welcome to the Chuckworks

All my kits are made of super strong G-10 fiberglass composite and industrial grade plastics. 

I want to make fun and useful cars and trucks that don't cost a fortune.

Kits that allow you to build apon them. Not just a toy off of a shelf, but a hobbiest machine. 

Designs that allow you to have something special without having to worry about parts. Or loss of performance.  I make products that deliver on what they say they do.

Increased handling




We have a new distributor in the Netherlands.

I'm very happy to join forces with these guys. click the link above to check them out.

I've sold hundred of chassis to drivers all over the world. But I've sold more to folk in the Netherland then any other country.

A country after my own heart!








Updates!    4/10/2014

To all my Netherlands customers. My chassis are now sold exclusivly through the website........Localhopupshop.NL

They will be handling all orders from the Netherlands.  I hope to work similar deals with distributors in other countries.  If you would like to be the exclustive distributor for your country, send me an email.....


  Sales are really roaring right now.  I'm super busy making parts and filing orders.  I'm working every night and weekends to keep up.  All orders are shipping out within a week.


New Metal Upgraded Trans support for the Slice A version 5 is now available.

I have more metal parts coming.  Nice bling for your Slice and a new line of rock crawling and scale offroad products.  The SRRX will show these off soon.



The Sprint Car kit now comes with a Wing and wing mount.  More pics soon!

I've made a couple changes to this kit.  I've changed the rear bumper mounts to a simpler design. Its super strong and much simpler to install.

Plus I've add my Wing to the kit.   Mount and Wing Included!   



Make sure you look a the Rock Races Page!


I have a new SRRX kit coming.   I've been working on it for the local rock races and Its ready to go.  I just need to do photos and instuctions.  Sadly this takes a lot of time.  Somthing I'm short of lately.  

I will work to get it up here as soon as possible.  I looks great and handles even better.  

 SRRXv2001.JPG SRRX_proto2_custom_003.JPG





















Slice_A_cog.jpg   Slilce_4X_cog.jpg


Check out my video of the first ever Rock Races at 

Glen  Helen Rc raceway.


Check out my youtube channel for more ChuckworksRC videos.





 Slice A
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Slice 4X

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 Slice D-b
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Dirt Oval chassis
Sprint Car
1/10 scale dirt oval racer.